Some of My Projects

Booklet design of EISA exhibition in Oman

Booklet design of Iran Lab Expo

English, Persian and Arabic poster design Inviting foreign guests to international exhibitions, Knowledge base, Iran Oil Industry (Elecshow), Elecomp2019, Iranconfair, Festival Nanotechnology Festival & Exhibition Iran-Pharma Exhibition, Laboratory Equipment and Materials Made in Iran (Iran Lab Expo), Export Capabilities (Iran Expo) in Houkad Company

Brochure design Introducing and inviting foreign guests of Iran lab Expo2019

Designing a poster inviting you to attend the permanent exhibition Iraq-Baghdad

Poster design of the conference on the opportunities of Iranian companies in the Turkish market

EISA website banner design in Oman

Website design HOUKAD WeBa related in the field of web design and programming, poster UI / UX and application design and programming (

Website design of leather export consortium

Website design of medical equipment export consortium

Website design for registration of foreign visitors to Tehran International Exhibitions (

content Product for the HOUKAD WeBa website

Designing a website to attract foreign students for knowledge-based companies for the Vice President for Science and Technology (

Designing the most specialized website in the field of holding business meetings (

Designing the official website for submitting applications for the purchase of N95 masks for export to buyers and customers of N95 multilayer protective masks around the world (

Website logo design and B2B business meeting set

N95 mask advertising teaser design

International poster design introducing N95 export masks for Houkad mask collection

Website design for manshoorkashef Company

Website design for Manexim Company

Website design for permanent exhibition of knowledge-based companies in Iraq

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